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The Service we Provide with AIBOS (Assured's Intelligent Bespoke Ordering System)
Our AIBOS system has been designed for you to quickly and simply, fully search intelligently any property nationwide.
If you would like to access our secure online ordering for the request of property searches.
Conveyancers tell us that our ordering system AIBOS not only allows them to quickly and simply fully search intelligently any property nationwide, but it has also substantially increased efficiency in their departments. Plus it also provides assistance for their environmental due diligence.

Conveyancers also tell us that they don't just require a system to be quick and simple to use, because primarily it must also be cost sensitive. That's why with us there are no hidden costs, for example, we don't add or hide additional cost for handling or uploading searches. Plus there is also No Charge to use the very latest OS MasterMap mapping to mark up a plan, and there is also No Charge to upload a plan.

A One-Stop facility for the Quickest Way to Order Property Searches

Our AIBOS system also has the functionality that provides you with an online One-Stop facility that allows fast desktop access.  Reports are emailed from AIBOS directly to your desktop and are permanently archived in AIBOS, therefore allowing you direct access to them at any time.

We are also aware of the time that is lost ordering searches for properties where there is no postcode etc., that’s why we will locate the property on your behalf. Our aim is to receive accurate information first time, so that we can ensure that all search reports are returned to you in the quickest time possible, that's why communication with us is so easy. This enables us to unlock the value of service by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time, so that we eliminate the situations that cause hassle and drudgery for you.

Nobody Does it Better

Our business philosophy is that it is best to do one thing really really well.  In fact we have built our reputation on making sure nobody makes it easier, nobody can do it quicker, and nobody does it better.

That's why we pride ourselves on not just our experience, but also on our ability and the professional approach we take in providing a complete service that is fully hands-on, along with a bespoke solution that is tailored to your needs.

Our approach to offering a fully hands-on service is for us to work closely with you, because our aim is for you to view us as an additional part of your team. We will handle all queries that you may need to raise with local authorities etc., and we will report back to you as quickly as possible, with the answers to the queries you have raised.


We also provide a bespoke solution that will remove the hassle and drudgery in collating and reconciling invoices. Our invoices are fully itemised and we can also set up payments by Direct Debit so that each individual invoice has its corresponding matter reference shown on your bank statement. We can speak to your accounts department to establish the best solution to suit you.

With our AIBOS system you have the benefits of a cost sensitive system that is so quick and simple use, to order all the property searches and reports that are available, that’s over 120 to choose from.

What Assured Searches does not do:

• We don't charge for you to use the very latest OS
  MasterMap mapping to mark up a plan.
• We don't charge for you to upload a plan.
• We don't add or hide additional cost for handling or
  uploading searches.

What Assured Searches provides for you:

• Excellent customer service with a bespoke solution that is
  tailored to your needs.
• AIBOS (Assured’s Intelligent Bespoke Ordering System) a
  quick and simple to use cost sensitive system which can
  substantially increase efficiency in your department.
• Search results that are returned to AIBOS and e-mailed to
  the user.
• Automatic archiving and audit trails.
• Effective risk management tools.
• Online disbursement guide.
• Case cost summary.
• An itemised invoice and Direct Debit with matter reference
  shown on your bank statement.           
• Constant innovation.